Casino affiliates

Casino affiliate

The online gambling market value of 2017 could impress anyone. It was worth $45.8 billion (in USD). Those who hardly believe their eyes, prepare yourselves for a striking statistical forecast. By the year 2024, the industry’s worth is going to exceed $90 billion (in USD).

Judging by this number, the demand on the market seems overwhelming (to put it mildly). That being said, it comes as no surprise that online casinos are eager to share their workload and marketing burden.

This is where casino affiliates enter the game. They’ve become an essential part of iGaming marketing strategies alongside advertisement campaigns, SEO techniques, and various offline events. It’s fair to say that right now affiliate programs are playing the leading role in promoting online casinos.

Experience has shown that a partnership between a casino and an affiliate is most likely to be nothing but a win-win situation for both of them.

What is a casino affiliate?

The term “affiliate” came from e-commerce. It is someone, a person or an organization, who brings target consumers to the product they are looking for. Affiliates are online intermediaries between a producer and a customer. Casino affiliates advertise gambling-related services mediating between a casino and a gambler.

This kind of service can be provided by an organization reminding an SEO agency, a network of affiliates, or just one person. Many experienced players who have an insider’s knowledge of the gambling industry often share their expertise online in their blogs, videos, live streams, and social media accounts. Quality content gains users’ trust and the person creating it can become a successful affiliate.

Casino affiliates are, overall, marketers searching for the right customers and increasing website traffic on behalf of their partner – an online casino. This is what they are paid for.

As in many other business and partnership models affiliates may receive their financial rewards in different ways. First of all, it may be a net revenue percentage that a casino will share. The received amount will depend on the results that affiliates deliver. The more quality traffic they bring, the more revenue the referral players generate. In this regard, the share of the profit is going to be in proportion with the work the affiliates have done.

Secondly, casinos can establish fixed rates for every player brought to the platform (for every generated click or lead) or a certain player’s action (registration, depositing, wagering, etc). In any case, partners might imply their terms and conditions to modify rewarding systems according to their needs.

How do casino affiliates attract new customers?

To drive quality traffic to a casino website affiliates use a combination of two powerful techniques: they perfect search engine optimization and provide unique and useful content.

The latter does more than helping to gain players’ trust. It contributes to the market segmentation significantly as an instrument to identify players who are involved in online gambling or, for example, intend to make their first deposit.

Another principle most affiliates follow is dividing the target audience into geographical segments which also facilitates efficient promotion. And that’s exactly what casinos expect from their affiliates: attracting relevant traffic, bringing casinos’ target audience to the website, selecting the players who are likely to make a payment and become regular customers.

The main point of all that is expanding access to referral links. A referral link looks exactly like any other URL, but, in addition to leading somewhere, it will also track down the information of where the users were directed from and what actions they did on the target platform. Affiliates receive referral links from their partners. Then they create an informative website and place the links there: it may be a call-to-action banner or button.

Usually, affiliates fill up their websites with casinos and games reviews, lists of beneficial coupons, bonus codes and promotions. They also try to engage their readers by posting the latest industry news, giving recommendations, and revealing some tricks of the trade. Sometimes there are a few demonstrative game versions available for free with no registration or download needed. So, potential gamblers can try them out and find something to their liking.

As soon as the website is ready, affiliates start applying effective SEO strategies to achieve high search engine ranking. The referral links will lead potential players from their top-ranked websites to the partner’s platform, thus driving the quality relevant traffic of consumers to the company providing the service they are looking for.

That is how a buyer and a producer meet each other with the help of the intermediary party in the world of iGaming.

Becoming a casino affiliate: pros and cons

Casino affiliate program

The iGaming market has a lot of distinctive features. Online casinos have to deal with restrictions applied by governmental jurisdictions concerning banking transactions, licensing and casino legitimacy. All in all many marketers treat the industry as a grey area. That creates several reasons why popular advertising and promoting tools don’t work as effectively in iGaming as they do in other industries.

Under these conditions, affiliate programs have proved to be the most effective. That’s why there’s hardly an online casino that is not looking for potential partners. It means that casino affiliates are guaranteed to always have some work to do.

Online casinos can afford to pay well for quality marketing. Affiliate programs make a competitive profit incurring rather reasonable expenses. This is the most persuasive argument, no doubt about it. Affiliates get paid for the results they achieve, and this transparency helps with motivation and efficient planning.

In terms of building up a reputation, affiliates are backed up twice. On the one hand, they are in charge of it themselves. Their unique content will engage readers, and nothing can prevent affiliates from providing useful information. This is the key to attracting quality traffic and gaining a reputation as a reliable intermediary. On the other hand, partnering up with trustworthy casinos and avoiding suspicious platforms will also protect the affiliate’s name.

A lot of trustworthy companies whose legitimacy and reputation you don’t have to worry about are looking for partners. So, why represent just one casino, if there’s a chance to partner with several reliable companies and create a steady income stream?

The business looks lucrative and simple on paper, doesn’t it? Don’t forget that there’s always a chance to fail if you have a careless attitude, lack professionalism and commitment. Make sure your software meets the partner’s requirements and your team has a suitable technological base, solid SEO experience and marketing skills.

Collaborate only with legitimate organizations who’ve been building a sterling reputation over decades and have been licensed and tested by independent auditing parties.