Ultra-fast connection in demand in Hawke’s Bay

Ultra-fast broadband (UFB) internet is currently in demand in Hawke’s Bay.

According to a report, the Chorus UFB rollout plans are proceeding apace, with the new fibre backbone for Hawke’s Bay communications proving popular.

“We’re really pleased with how the UFB programme is progressing in Hawke’s Bay,” said Chorus stakeholder communications manager Nathan Beaumont. “More than 23,000 households, businesses, schools and health facilities are able to access UFB. Of that 23,000, nearly 3200 have connected to the UFB network.”

Chorus is building 70 per cent of New Zealand’s 1.7 billion network. This will be paid for by the government, and provide for a wide range of new services including ultra-fast naked broadband which is an ever growing segment as millennials and younger families increasingly opt to cut the cord with traditional phone services.

More people are now choosing UFB, as it allows multiple uses to connect their devices all at ones without buffering or losing connectivity, which is common if you use WiFi.

“Wi-Fi will only go so far and your connectivity is only as fast as the weakest point,” said Hamish White, the chief executive of telecommunications company NOW, where half of the region’s new fibre connections come from.

“For things like high-definition television you will want them hardwired into the router to get optimum performance, in terms of the true benefit of fibre,” he added.

Chorus has recently announced that  it has plans to enable more residents and businesses in Dunedin to take full advantage of the sponsored broadband services available across the city. Read more about it here.