Sydney Ingleburn shooting: one dead, two injured, possible hostages

One person has been confirmed dead and two others were wounded after a gunman opened fire in southwest Sydney.

The incident happened on a driveway at the Ingleburn industrial site, about 40 kilometers (25 miles) west of Sydney, at around 10:45am Sydney time. Police have confirmed that three men have been shot, and one has been confirmed dead.

According to a report by One news, there is also a possibility that the gunman, who is holding an automatic rifle, is holding three people in hostage.

Police, including heavily-armed officers, are currently surrounding the area where the gunman is believed to be hiding. Businesses nearby are already in lockdown.

“The police have cordoned everything around here, and we have closed our doors — no one is getting in or out,” said a spokeswoman for Blackwattle Pottery. “It’s just not safe.”

The current condition of the two men who survived is not yet known, but they have already been brought to Liverpool Hospital.

“On arrival police found three males, one deceased and two others with gunshot wounds,” said Detective Inspector Mark Brett. “Two men with gunshot wounds have been conveyed to Liverpool Hospital. One is undergoing emergency surgery, the other has superficial wounds to the lower part of his body.”

The police negotiations between the gunman and police are reportedly in a “delicate” stage.

“Negotiators and a tactical response team are at the scene and trying to gain access to the building,” said a police spokesman.