Police hunt underway for man who kidnapped five-year-old in Palmerston North

Police are currently searching for the man who abducted a girl in Palmerston North.

According to reports, five-year-old Shekinah Relies-Skipper was walking to school with her sisters Rehia and Finesse at around 8:30am on Fridayt when a man driving a white sedan pulled her to the car.

Rehia said that they have seen the man before, at the park. “He just walked around me and grabbed her and chucked her in the car,” she recalled. “We were screaming the whole street down at Shamrock, we were screaming ‘help, help’ as loud as we could.”

“Situations like this are incredibly rare in New Zealand and we are thankful that Shekinah has been found safe and returned to her family,” said Manawatu Area Commander Inspector Sarah Stewart.

“It would be really unusual for a five year child to be dropped off on the side of the road by themselves. Someone must have seen Shekinah being dropped off and they must call us, it’s really important,” she added.

Charlene Te Kira, the mother of Shekinah, said that she received a phone call in the morning, hearing that her daughter had been abducted. “It was the most horrible phone call you can receive.”

Police are continuing search for the man, and are asking for the public’s help. Anyone who gets sightings of a suspicious white vehicle are encouraged to call police.