Former AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd sentenced to 8 months home detention

New Zealand-based Australian Phil Rudd, former drummer of rock band AC/DC, was sentenced to eight months home detention on drugs murder threat charges.

The sentencing happened at the Tauranga District Court on Thursday. The 61-year-old Rudd, who had been in bail before today, pleaded guilty to possession of cannabis and methamphetamine, as well as one charge of threatening to kill.

Rudd pleaded guilty to the charges last April. The cord heard that he had made a call to an associate in Australia in September asking him to “take out” a personal assistant. Rudd was reportedly upset that his solo album “Head Job” that came out in August 2014 flopped.

Rudd also admitted that he made a call to the victim and told him that he was going to kill him. Rudd’s home was searched by police in November, and they found a total of 0.71 grams of methamphetamine and 130g of cannabis.

Stuff reported that Rudd offered the associate a car, a motorbike, a house, and $200,000. Read the full story here.

“The reality, Mr Rudd, is this. I consider you badly need help with your drug problem and I consider the best way to deal with that is to give you the sentence I’ve given you here,” Judge Thomas Ingram told him in court today.

During the eight months of detention and being monitored 24/7 in his home, Rudd will not be allowed to consume alcohol or take drugs. If he breaches these terms, he will be heading to prison.

“I stone cold guarantee that’s where you’ll end up. I’m not your headmaster, I’m not your father, I’m a judge,” said Judge Ingram.

Rudd has lived in Tauranga since he was sacked from AC/DC in 1983. He rejoined the band in 1994.

AC/DC is currently on its Rock or Bust world tour with Chris Slade, who played the drums for the band from 1989 to 1994.