Mother admits to letting neighbour sexually violate daughter for money

A woman from West Auckland has admitted to allowing an elderly neighbor sexually violate her daughter.

The Herald reported that the 49-year-old woman pimped out her daughter for as little as $10 per “sex session,” which lasted for about six years, starting when the daughter was just nine years old.

According to reports, the man was in his late 60s when the horrific acts would take place. The woman reportedly devised a system with him wherein he would come to the woman’s house while the girl’s father was away.

The summary of facts states that the the mother would let the man, now 70 years old, violate the girl. She would sit outside and watch TV while the act is taking place.

The mother would also threaten the girl, telling her things like “just do what he says or I’ll give you a hiding” and “just do what he says and I will be happy.”

After the act, the man would give between $10 to $30 to the woman.

Police found out about the abuse after the child told her friend’s mother last year that she did not want to go home. Investigations by police and Child, Youth and Family then took place.

The summary of facts also said that the woman did not explain her actions, but said that she was “remorseful.”

The woman pleaded guilty today at the High Court at Auckland “to charges of being a party to sexual violation by unlawful sexual connection and being a party to attempted sexual violation.”

The woman, who is currently remanded on bail, could face a maximum sentence of 20 years in jail. She will be sentenced on September 25.