LA Tukerangi’s family haven’t asked her questions about alleged kidnapping

The parents of a teen who said she had been kidnapped said that their daughter is recovering, and that they have not asked questions.

Marie and Chris Tukerangi, parents of 15-year-old LA Tukerang, spoke to the media about the ordeal today from the Nga Whare Waatea Marae today, saying that they have not talked to their daughter about the alleged kidnapping.

“We seriously haven’t asked any questions, and that is the honest truth. When your daughter has gone through some hard times you would be silly to say, ‘what did you do, what went wrong’ and what not,” said Chris Tukerangi.

LA sent a series of messages to her family on a little over a week ago saying that she was being held against her will by 36-year-old Dean Whakatau. Last Thursday, both of them were found by police in a Te Kaha address.

“There was anger at the time and I reckon that was natural for a father. You just want to protect your kids at all costs but obviously you don’t want to do anything silly. We’re definitely grateful as to how things turned out, it could’ve been a different situation,” he added.

Whakatau has recently been released from jail and has faces rape and kidnapping charges in the past. He has not your charged by police in relation to the alleged kidnapping, but was wanted for breaching a release order and will re-appear in court next week.

LA’s father added that his daughter has been heavily traumatised. “Just the look on her face said 1000 words to us,” he added.

“As a mother, you don’t wish it upon anybody because it just breaks you,” said Mrs Tukerangi.

Police said that investigations are ongoing.