IBM introduces program that shares 700TB of cyber threat data in the cloud

IBM, one of the world’s most innovative companies, has created a program that allows any company to have access to over 700 terabyte of raw cyber threat data.

The program, powered by IBM Cloud, is called the X-Force Exchange, a cyber threat intelligence sharing platform. It allows companies to mobilize against dangerous network threats, as well as provides real-time indicators of live attacks that can be used to defend against cybercrimes. Before this project, there was not a single port for these kinds of information.

The program will include malware threat data from over 270 million devices, and around 25 billion web pages and images, as well as phishing and spam attacks.

In a press release, IBM said that the program allows organizations to collaborate on security incidents. Users can freely consume, share, and act on threat intelligence from their networks, and can help stop threats by means of:

  • A collaborative, social interface to easily interact with and validate information from industry peers, analysts and researchers;
  • Volumes of intelligence from multiple third parties, the depth and breadth of which will continue to grow as the platform’s user base grows;
  • A collections tool to easily organize and annotate findings, bringing priority information to the forefront;
  • Open, web-based access built for security analysts and researchers;
  • A library of APIs to facilitate programmatic queries between the platform, machines and applications; allowing businesses to operationalize threat intelligence and take action.

Brendan Hannigan, General Manager of IBM Security, said that the X-Force Exchange will help counter rising and sophisticated threats by cyber criminals.

“We’re taking the lead by opening up our own deep and global network of cyberthreat research, customers, technologies and experts. By inviting the industry to join our efforts and share their own intelligence, we’re aiming to accelerate the formation of the networks and relationships we need to fight hackers,” he added.

Learn more about the X-Force Exchange program here.