Over $135,000 raised for kiwi in a coma in Thailand

Donations for a kiwi man who had a scooter accident and is currently in a coma in Thailand has reached more than $135,000 donated by over a thousand people.

Paul Lupi, 28, was involved in a scooter accident in Phuket, Thailand on Monday, July 6th. Reports say that the accident caused brain injuries. He has since been transfered to Bumrungrad International Hospital in Bangkok. 

Lupi does not have travel insurance, so shortly after the accident, the Give a Little Page was set up by his family.

Aside from raising funds for Lupi, Give a Little is an effort to teach people about the risks of not having travel insurance.

“Whilst still in a coma, he has showed encouraging signs like moving his limbs regularly and squeezed Marks finger on demand. We are certainly optimistic and these early signs of movement are certainly good,” the description read.

“Although his brother, Joe was able to front with some of the initial costs required, the cost of continued treatment is substantial. On the advice received from First Assistance, the Lupi family are anticipating that the cost for PJ’s hospitalisation and ongoing treatment will be approximately $6000 a day,” it added.

Lupi, a co-owner of CM Office Services, was reportedly wearing a helmet at the time of the crash, but suffered impact on the cheek.

“He’s got health and medical back here, and the kind of guy he is he thought he would be covered over there, but he’s not,” said Lupi’s business partner Harvey Frame.

The family said that they are hoping to raise $150,000. The funds will go to a verified account of Paul’s brother Mark Lupi.

Getting a travel insurance is always advised. Stuff reported that a travel insurance for about two weeks in Asia for a New Zealander in his 20s could be bought for around $80 to $125.