Four-year-old girl missing in Arapohue

Police are currently looking for a four-year-old girl who was reported missing in the Arapohue area near Dargaville.

According to reports, the girl had gone missing at around 2:45pm today. Police continue with their search, and they’re now being assisted by helicopter rescue. LandSAR, and NZ Fire.

“There’s quite a few people out here at the moment,” said local resident Grant Godman, who said that he was close to where the little girl went missing. He told reporters that the terrain was mainly farmlan, but there are some also some quarries in the area.

Police are asking the public to call 09 430 4500 to report if they see the unaccompanied girl in the Arapohue area.

Police also said that they are grateful for the assistance given by the members of the public, but they need people to stay in their homes as extra cars and people in the area could pose a risk to the search.

Update: the girl has been found alive and well. She was found at around 8:45pm by searchers. No other details have been revealed, but it was reported that the girl is autistic. She was found safe and unharmed.

Police want to thank everyone who helped out with the search.