Child rapist Robert Selwyn Burrett jailed for 20 years

Robert Selwyn Burrett, a man who raped childen, has been sentenced to 20 years in prison with non-parole for 10 years.

64-year-old Burrett, a school caretaker and bus driver, has admitted to 21 child sex abuse charges. Most of his victims, aged 5 to 12, were disabled.

The offendings happened in 2013 and 2015 in an unnamed school.

Stuff reported that Burrett’s offences includes the following: rape, sodomy, forced oral sex, indecent assaults, video-taping of the offending, and watching pornography. Most of these took place in a caretaker’s shed that he had locked and fitted with curtains.

Reports say that Burrett claimed that some of his victims enjoyed sex with adults. The judge said that this was “a cognitive distortion.”

“You will require several years of on-going intense psychological treatment to reduce the factors which resulted in your offending,” said the judge.

“I hate you and hate what you have done to my daughters and I feel disgusted and sickened by what you did,” said the mother of two of Burrett’s victims. “Everyday that I walk into the school and see the shed I cringe. I want to cry but I hold it in for the sake of my children.”

“My hope is that no child is allowed near you again,” the mother added.

A New Zealand Herald report says that at least two victims have received no counselling a year after Burrett was exposed as a rapist.

This, the report said, has come about because the Ministry of Education and the school know the victims because of the automatic court suppression order that’s supposed to protect them.