Air NZ cancels flights after mass outage

Air New Zealand needed to cancel 20 flights on Tuesday after a radar glitch.

According to reports, the air disruption was a result of a radar outage on Tuesday afternoon, causing disrupted flights and delays throughout the country.

Reuters reported that the departing delights at all of the airports in New Zealand were suspended from around 0240 GMT or 1040 EDT.

Air NZ said that a total of 20 flights were cancelled, and passengers will be put in new flights on Wednesday.

A passenger who was stuck at the Auckland Airport told TVNZ: “How do planes in the sky land without radar? Like all good Kiwis in a crisis, we’re heading to the pub to make contingency plans.”

Another passenger whose flight got delayed for more than two hours told the Sydney Morning Herald: “The plane was warming up and then they said, ‘Sorry, you’re going to have to get off the plane because of the radar’ … I was a bit worried they were going to cancel our flight because they cancelled a whole lot of other ones.”

The glitch has since been resolved, but it has been announced that the outage will continue to delay flights until Tuesday night.

“Flights are now departing but the backlog will take some time to clear as approximately 160 international and domestic Air New Zealand flights have been impacted this afternoon and into this evening,” Air NZ said in a statement.

Transport Minister Simon Bridges said in a statement that he has been initially advised by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) that the cause of the outage is not yet known.

The CAA is currently doing investigations on the incident. Passenger are also encouraged to check Air NZ’s website to get updates.