1,500 stolen letters found in Auckland property

Around 1,500 stolen letters and parcel were found stashed away in a house in Auckland.

Police found the mail in a house in the suburb if Waterview earlier this week. Reports say that the mail items were stolen from Waterview and Mt Albert areas.

It took police about four hours to sort through everything. Many are reportedly unopened.

“We became aware of it on Friday afternoon when the police notified us The majority of mail recovered appears to have been taken in the last year. The mail was taken after delivery from letterboxes and recycling bins,” said NZ Post security advisor Julian Thorburn. “Addressed items will be delivered next week with a letter of explanation attached.”

NZ Post said that it will be re-delivering the mail in the next weeks. They will also enclose a letter saying why the delivery is delayed.

No further details were provided on who was behind the theft, but a police spokesman said that they have spoken to the man about the mail and warned him against more theft.

No charges will be filed against the man. “There doesn’t appear to be any malicious intent in regards to the taking of this mail… It’s simply someone taking it, potentially because of an illness,” said Thoburn.

“His understanding of what he has done is not at an adult level,” said a spokeswoman.

It was also revealed that the man did not work for the NZ Post.

Thorburn has also given tips on how people can protect their mail: Clearing their mail regularly, and installing a lock on the mailbox.

“If people are going away they should consider having their mail redirected, or setting up a hold on their mail,” he added.